Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fulfilling the Law Firm Dream, the Humble Bar Top Notcher


The month of March 2015 has been an exciting month for all the law students who took the Philippine Bar Examination. It is the most awaited month of the year for all the examinees who put all their time and effort just to get the coveted title of being an attorney and to be included on the top law firms in thePhilippines.

This is true especially to Irene Mae Alcobilla, who reviewed right after their graduation and aced the licensure examination with an 85.5 percentage grade.  I read her story  in a news article in the Philippine Star’s news portal entitled: “Topnotcher:I just wanted to be an Attorney”. According to the news article, Irene Alcobilla is a graduate of San Beda College of Law. She reviewed for the bar exam right after her graduation, studying only the books she had when she was in law school from her first year up to the last. Everyday, she made sure that she will have time for her review focusing on all the lessons that she didn’t absorbed well on school while setting standards for herself. Apart from it, she always prayed and asks the Lord for guidance and vows to give her best effort to pass the exam.  Thankfully, her efforts were not wasted, she didn’t only passed the exam but aced it too.

According to Irene, being the topnotcher of the Bar Exam was a miracle. Her goal was just plain and simple: to pass the Bar Exam and to be called a lawyer.  I hope that her story inspired everybody. The lesson I learned here is that with hardwork plus faith in God, nothing is impossible.

Today, Irene is continuing to work in a law firm. Apart from it, two other San Beda law students made the top 10: Jose Angelo David in 6th place and Adrian Aumentado in 7th.


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